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'The Walking Dead' renewed for Season 5; Scott Gimple at the helm

When Will Gareth Return to 'The Walking Dead'? The Terminus Leader Is

- 3 days ago @ The Walking Dead had me so super pumped for the premiere on Sunday, Oct. 12 — mostly because of the tremendous Season 4 finale and the epic Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con trailer — and the adrenaline rush of a show did not disappoint.

'The Walking Dead's' Gale Anne Hurd: Rick Accepts The 'Rules Have Changed Completely'

- 3 days ago @ "The Walking Dead" had a big Season 5 premiere, bringing in the best ratings in series history, as fans watched Rick Grimes and his gang break out of Terminus.

'The Walking Dead's' Gale Anne Hurd On Rick's New M.O.

- 3 days ago @ "The Walking Dead" had a big Season 5 premiere, bringing in the best ratings in series history, as fans watched Rick Grimes and his gang break out of Terminus.

The Walking Dead Watch: “Strangers”

- 2 days ago @ Episode two is a mostly meditative palate cleanser before what will surely be a gory continuation

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THE WALKING DEAD International "Four Walls And A Roof" Promos

Comic Book Movie: Season Four of The Walking Dead ended with Rick and the group outgunned, outnumbered, and trapped in a train car awaiting a grim fate. Season Five picks up shortly thereafter. What follows is a story that weaves the true motives of the people of ...

'The Walking Dead' Is A Huge Hit. So Why Is AMC's Stock Trading So Low?

Forbes: Now in its fifth season, The Walking Dead is a ratings juggernaut for AMC Networks AMCX -0.35%. The season's premier last week broke records for the most-watched cable show of all time with 17.3 million viewers tuning in to the zombie horror-fest.

The Walking Dead s5, episode 2 recap: "Everybody can't be bad"

Digital Spy UK: Gabriel proves utterly useless when a band of the survivors come under siege from the most stomach-churning example of swollen, sodden walkers we've since season two's well zombie, with Bob narrowly escaping death for the second time in two weeks.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers Episode 3: Who Will Be The Next To Die?

The Walking Dead season 5 is shaping up to be one heck of a ride, and it's only a matter of time before we see more deaths. The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers episode 3 shows that in the world of zombies, it is not a matter of if but when….someone is ...

Are we all numb to the atrocities of 'Walking Dead'?

Entertainment Weekly: The Walking Dead is a cable-TV show about the zombie apocalypse and the brave band of survivors who are barely clinging to hope and their humanity. It airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC, and millions watch—season 4 averaged 13.3 million viewers ...

The Walking Dead stumbles to PS4, Xbox One

Joystiq: Both seasons of Telltale Games' episodic adventure The Walking Dead are now available digitally and at retail on Xbox One and PS4. Retail versions of the two seasons are also out now for Xbox 360 and PS3. At least, this is the case for North America; ...

Why every 'Walking Dead' fan must read Emily St. John Mandel's 'Station Eleven'

The popularity of the TV series "The Walking Dead" and various other George Romero rip-offs have conditioned us to believe the end of the world must involve the undead. This B-movie vision of science gone wrong -- "They Won't Stay Dead!" blared the ...

Has 'The Walking Dead' finally gone too far? We debate.

Newsday: Consider that in some obvious ways "The Walking Dead" has always been Too Much. "TWD" is nothing if not Too Much: It is the video personification of Too Much, over and over and over again, week after week. The bar is set only to have the bar demolished.



The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Does Bob Die?

Wetpaint: Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.) is an optimistic guy, so he'd never want us to lose hope for him on The Walking Dead Season 5. All signs may point to him leaving this world, but he'd want Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and company to look at the bright ...

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Will Abraham continue to Washington

Unreality TV: Since Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) and Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) were introduced to 'The Walking Dead' all they've talked about is heading to Washington DC. Their reason for heading to the capital is because ...

‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 2 recap: Tasty legs, nasty scenes

It wasn’t as action-packed as last week’s premiere, but The Walking Dead season 5, episode 2 featured a couple of great surprises, one new character, and one horrible ending. Our recap breaks down the events of The Walking Dead season 5 episode titled “Strangers.” The episode begins with the gang walking to an unknown destination. […] The post ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 2 recap: Tasty ...


Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Rumored Spoilers

Undead Walking: Someone seemed very unhappy with Father Gabriel. Meanwhile, Abraham keeps pushing the idea of going to D.C. on everyone an Rick finally agrees. the-walking-dead-season-4-glenn-maggie[1] Tara and Maggie pound out their Glenn and Hershel related ...


'The Walking Dead' Recap: You Taste Much Better Than We Thought You Would

Yahoo TV (blog): Warning: This recap for the “Strangers" episode of The Walking Dead contains storyline and character spoilers. Those evil geniuses. When all those Season 5 preview clips showed Terminus leader Gareth in scenes that were obviously taking place after the ...

The Walking Dead, review, Strangers: 'beautifully surreal' Survival requires running but it also requires quite a lot of walking, too. After last week's blockbuster of an opener, the second episode of The Walking Dead slowed things down, allowing the group (reunited save for Beth) to rest and take stock of ...

The Walking Deads Most Gruesome Scene Yet: A Mans Gotta Eat

Daily Beast: Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead concluded with a scene now permanently etched into millions of traumatized brains: Gareth (Andrew J. West), leader of Terminus, forcing Bob (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.) to watch as he takes a bite out of his newly ...

'The Walking Dead' Season 5, Episode 2 Review: Strangers In A Strange Land

Forbes: Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead sees our largely intact band of survivors on the road once again. After fleeing from an overrun Terminus, escaping both a massive zombie horde and the creepy cannibals who ran the place, Sheriff Rick Grimes ...


The Walking Dead Has A Really Clever Ongoing Easter Egg Involving Watches The Walking Dead is known for including clever Easter Eggs in episodes. Most of the Easter Eggs tend to be tributes to past horror and sci-fi movies, such as the Robocop Easter Egg in the “Strangers” episode. While appearing at the Walker Stalker Con ...

The End of 'Walking Dead' Episode 2 Will Haunt Us Forever

Mashable: Warning: Spoilers ahead for Episode 2 of The Walking Dead season 5. Look, The Walking Dead is a gross show. A wonderful, action-packed, disgusting show that has trained us to have stomaches of steel. But the end of episode 2 easily ranks among the ...

The Walking Dead Watch: 'Strangers'

TIME: Episode two of the fifth season of AMC's The Walking Dead is titled “Strangers,” but it might as well have been called “Meditations” or “Aphorisms.” The bulk of the episode is composed of multiple, one-on-one ruminations on the fundamental question ...

TV Review: 'Walking Dead': How far will it have to go to keep shocking us?

The Walking Dead is a cable-TV show about the zombie apocalypse and the brave band of survivors who are barely clinging to hope and their humanity.

The Walking Dead is even better and way funnier with bad

If you enjoy a good laugh or watch The Walking Dead or ever wondered what zombies are saying through all that clawing and moaning, the Bad Lip Reading guys have got you covered in their latest take on The Walking ...


Walking Dead Review: Season 5, Episode 2, 'Strangers'

Indie Wire (blog): "Survivors," Abraham asks "The Walking Dead's" band of post-apocalyptic stragglers. "Is that all you want to be?" It's a question that resonates all though "Strangers," the second episode of the show's fifth season, and for once, it gives serious ...

'The Walking Dead' Season 5, episode 2 recap: 'Strangers' in the night

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Fans still recovering from "The Walking Dead's" action-filled Season 5 premiere got a chance to recover Sunday, as the show's pace slowed down just a bit during "Strangers." Until the end, that is. The second episode of Season 5 ...

'Walking Dead's' Andrew J. West Talks Gareth's Appetite for Revenge

Hollywood Reporter: AMC's The Walking Dead remixed a major scene and introduced a key character from the comics Sunday during the second episode of its fifth season. Following the bloody blowout at Terminus, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his sizable group of "survivors" hit ...


Watch 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 2 Online: Will Daryl Come Out In

Latin Times: "The Walking Dead" season 5 episode 2 airs on Sunday, Oct. 19 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on AMC. Leading up to the season 5 premiere of the show, fans can watch every single episode in the AMC's Zombie Apocalypse Week Marathon, which begins with the ...

The Walking Dead Postmortem: Andrew J. West on His "Meaty" Monologue and That Final Scene

The following story contains spoilers fromSunday'sThe Walking Deadand the comic books that inspired it. Read at your own risk.]At the end of the day, no matter how much we may detest this ugly business...a man's gotta eat.The Walking Dead's Season 5 premiere finally confirmed that the people of Terminus are indeed cannibals. ButSunday'sepisode revealed Gareth & Co. to be something else ...


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