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'The Walking Dead' renewed for Season 5; Scott Gimple at the helm

Who will be the next to die on ‘The Walking Dead’?

- 5 days ago @ Spoilers ahead There are only two episodes left until the midseason finale of “The Walking Dead,” and the show is due for a major death. Sunday night’s episode saw...

‘Walking Dead’ Revived in Funny Or Die Zombie-Centered Recap (Video)

- 3 days ago @ The undead finally have a voice.

'The Walking Dead' Still Suffers From The Same Frustrating Problems In Season Five

- 3 days ago @ 'The Walking Dead' keeps falling into old traps and problematic writing.

Syfy's 'Z Nation' vs. 'The Walking Dead': The Same or Different?

- 2 days ago @ How do the trailers for both series stack up? THR takes a look read more

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Did ‘Walking Dead’ Star Reveal If Carol And Beth Are Going To Die?

Spoilers Ahead] “We’re going back to get the squad,” says Tyler James Williams, who plays Noah, about Sunday’s upcoming episode of the hit AMC zombie show. Beyond that, the newest Walking Dead star was tight lipped about what else fans might expect this week. Well…almost. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s radio show on Did ‘Walking Dead’ Star Reveal If Carol And Beth Are ...

The Walking Dead Spoilers Season 5: What Happens to Eugene, Does He Live

The Walking Dead spoilers for season 5 have been remarkably accurate so far. In this installment of TWD spoilers we explore the fate of one the series' great liars, Eugene. According The Walking Dead spoilers for the mid-season finale, episode 7 ...

The Walking Dead Spoilers Season 5 Episode 7 Mid-Season Finale: Norman

The Walking Dead spoilers for season 5 episode 7, the mid-season finale, “crossed,” promise plenty of zombie action. Guys, we all know what's coming right? The Walking Dead is fairly skilled at keeping its shock twists and turns under wraps, but we all ...

Holy Sh*t! Filming The Mid-Season Finale Of The Walking Dead Made Norman As November creeps to an end so does the mid season finale of everyone's favorite zombie show — The Walking Dead! Well, it looks like the last episode of 2014 is going to be a DOOZY of a time. [ Related: Your Walking Dead Episode Five Recap — In GIFs! ].

'Walking Dead' on the zombie trail

Even a zombie apocalypse has a silver lining.

Weekend TV Preview: A Rescue Mission Is Launched On 'The Walking Dead'

Uproxx: The Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday 9:00 p.m.) — After three episodes spent focusing on Beth, Abraham's group, and Carol and Daryl, this week's episode check in with the church group as Father Gabriel questions how the Terminus gang was handled and a ...

The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Made Daryl Cry For An Hour. AN HOUR.

io9: Actor Norman Reedus told TV Guide that the events of The Walking Dead's midseason finale, airing on November 30th, were so emotional that he genuinely cried for an hour before he was able to shoot the episode's finale scenes. Huh. Why do I suspect that ...

Spoiler Room: Scoop on 'Murder, ' 'Elementary, ' 'Walking Dead' and more

Entertainment Weekly: Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what's coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your ...



The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Will Carol Die in the Mid-Season 'Deadly

The Walking Dead Season 5 will soon air its mid-season finale and fans can't wait to learn more about the fate of their favourite characters, Carol and Beth. Both are good friends of Daryl Dixon and both are trapped inside the Grady Memorial Hospital ...

The Walking Dead Season 5: Producer Teases Midseason Finale Episode

The Walking Dead season 5 has just one more episode to go before the show airs its midseason finale on 30 November. Fans can definitely expect some major shocking twists before the zombie drama goes on its midseason hiatus. The previous episode of ...

Where is ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 going?

This Sunday’s new episode of The Walking Dead season 5 will bring everyone back together again. But things will be very different. The major change, of course, is that the show will no longer be focused on the characters heading up to Washington D.C. Two weeks ago Eugene admitted that he knows nothing about a […] The post Where is ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 going? appeared first on Hypable .


The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Finale Made Norman Reedus Cry For An Hour In a new magazine interview, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus said he cried for an hour in preparation for the mid-season finale, which will air a week from Sunday. The actor -- whose two best on-camera friends, Beth and Carol, are being held ...

Prepare Yourselves: The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Will be Deadly If there's one thing we know about The Walking Dead, is that it knows how to do a mid-season finale! In Season 4, the show shocked us all with a sneak attack from The Governor and the death of our beloved Hershel, and according to Walking Dead creator, ...

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Will Be Pretty Deadly

In a new interview with The Holllywood Reporter, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said that the series' upcoming midseason finale will likely be a bloodbath. "This confrontation is definitely going to be substantially ...


'The Walking Dead' Recap: Larry, Darryl, Darryl, Carol and Daryl

Decider: The last few weeks on The Walking Dead have gone off in some interesting, non-Rick directions. Two weeks back, we got an entire episode showing us what Beth is up to—namely, eating guinea pig over at Rapey Hospital—and last week was focused on ...


This Walking Dead Reference Was So Small I Almost Missed It! All throughout Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead, there were many small nods and references. Episode one in particular got a number of references, while others were to entirely different shows. But if there was one, tiny little nod that was ...

The Walking Dead recap: 'Consumed'

Entertainment Weekly: Not for nothing is the sixth episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season called "Consumed," and its most recurring image smoke. We see it repeatedly. Carol references burning away her old selves, and Daryl says, "Hey, we ain't ashes." No one mentions ...


The Walking Dead: "Consumed" Review

IGN Grand Theft Auto: Light on overall dialogue and heavy on mood, "Consumed" gave us the lengthy Carol and Daryl pairing that many series fans, along with many "Caryl" shippers I'm sure, have been anticipating. Nothing all that huge happened during the episode, granted.

The Walking Dead's Carol and Daryl Together Again! Our Rants and Raves

E! Online: RAVE: The Walking Dead: You wanted Carol and Daryl? You got Carol and Daryl! Tonight we found out what Caryl were up to on their quest to find Beth. It was a lot of walking through buildings and killing random walkers until they ran into Noah, who ...

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Larry, Darryl, Darryl, Carol and Daryl

This week finds Carol and Daryl wandering around the streets of Atlanta, ruminating about modern art. No, REALLY!


'Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers: Will A Daryl And Carol Romance Ever

Viewers of the hit AMC series “Walking Dead” have been so preoccupied encouraging a fling between fan favorites Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) that it seems as though they've almost forgotten that the world is still overrun by ...

'The Walking Dead' Season 5, Episode 6: Highlights & Spoilers When Daryl looked to restart the car, the engine was already dead. Unfortunately, the situation got worse as a horde of new zombies could be seen in the distance. Daryl and Carol managed to find a place just before the growing group of undead made ...

'Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers: Will A Daryl And Carol Romance Ever Happen? Melissa McBride Teases Disappointing ...

"Walking Dead" fans cross their fingers for a Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) relationship in Season 5.

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